Jewish Link Publishes Third Annual Wine Guide

For the third year in a row, The Jewish Link has published The Jewish Link Wine Guide, which is quite fascinating.  The Jewish link has published a Jewish link wine guide which is quite fascinating.while the core of this publication is a list of really fantastic. Kosher wines and different categories having tasted thousands of one or at least hundreds of wines. It’s certainly if it were only those Diana. That would have been enough for us for stop. However they also go ahead publishing articles on various aspects of the kosher wine world which is further fascinating. I will tell you while I am a wine drinker who wine is not. My go to beverage. Yes not only you’re around for condition. I’ve done it do we use it but with the with passive or upon us and just? A couple of days wine is very important beverage. Consider? At this time full. Stop? Over. The weekend? I had the pleasure of Reading this publication and wow did it put my? What is fastening about? This is that it is not addressing a beginner or basic audience. When it comes to wine it is freaking to a knowledgeable many. A lot of the way I felt I had a lot of ketchup but that was good. II am pretty the the challenge of learning things having to Google things well. I’m trying to figure out various aspects

Ultimately while I already have my orders to put in for wines for Passover. It was very inspirational? To get me thinking. About what I will buy. For the short term future of what one purchases I would like to make?

Visiting Winemakers in Israel
Moshe Kinderlehrer
A piece from the editor about busy wine meekers and israel

‘Tova Ha’Aretz Me’od Me’od’
Elizabeth Kratz
ApwKSpeaks? To A. Variety? Of vintners and winery. Owners inisrael about what they’re doing what makes the products unique.

Winemakers in Warming Climates Look to the Negev
As vitners in France and elsewhere are dealing with the rise in climate and how it is adversely affecting their crops of grapes as opposed to how. It’s always been done. The wineries in South of Israel in the desert have been showing have been experimenting as it is in unusual climate in which to grow grapes and yet the. Research and experience that they are doing can have positive effects. Throughout the rest of what is the claimant just
This was a really cool article
Joshua E. London

Austria’s Kosher Vinter
Elizabeth Kratz
About a kosher vintner in Austria

Professional Advancement in Kosher Wine Education
Channa Fischer
This is really interesting to hear about the advances of kosher wine dot com and securing advanced levels of wine certification as kosher wines requires special stuff.

The Fall and Rise of Kosher Fortified Wine
Gamliel Kronemer
This is quite neat to get a sense of this trend and what’s going? On including 9 only shares in ports but also for we’ve discussed. Remove snead a lot of work in social world but it’s good to see that therapy and it’s being made in a sense.

ON TREND: Winemaker Pet Projects
Yossie Horwitz
This is interesting to read about vintners who work at established winters have their side business ventures and wine making.

Wineries of the Year 2023
Five or six different key wineries that are doing really great products.

The Second Annual Innovator Awards
Winners doing cool stuff in making advances.

Accessible (and Delicious) Kosher Wines From Italy and Spain
Kenny Friedman
This is really neat to learn about different regions, different grapes, and different styles of making wines in Italy and Spain.

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