When it comes to the kashrut of whiskey, its largely going to be fine for kosher consumption, whether that is Scotch, Bourbon, rye, etc. While there may occasionally be specialty products that include ingredients that may potentially be problematic for kosher consumption, most whiskies stick to a simple list of ingredients which will always be intrinsically acceptable for kosher consumption. However, there are a couple of issues that do arise and are important to be aware of for kosher consumers that may impinge on acceptability for kosher consumption.

One issue that affects whiskey is whiskey that is owned by Jews during Passover, yet is not sold, a problem known as חמץ שעבר עליו הפסח (hametz upon which one transgressed Passover). While this is absolutely forbidden to be owned and/or consumed on Passover, there is a rabbinic fine for such products that were in Jewish possession during Passover – even after Passover. Fortunately, there are Jewishly-owned distilleries that sell their hametz for Passover (for more on this, see The Jewish Drinking Show #65). (In fact, whiskey-selling was the catalyst for the selling of hametz for Passover in one’s own home (for more on this, see The Jewish Drinking Show #24).) However, there are Jewishly-owned distilleries who might not sell their hametz for Passover, which would be problematic to consume – see bottom of the page for those.

Sherry Casks
Another key issue when it comes to kashrut concerns amongst whiskeys are Scotch whiskies that are aged in Sherry casks. Since that is an entire discussion unto its own, please see here for more on that topic. And, yes, the same such considerations go for rye, Bourbon, etc. that are aged in Port casks, Sherry casks, etc.

Kosher-Certified Whiskies
While not well-known, there are dozens of Bourbons that are certified kosher. Here is a list of Bourbons that are certified kosher (source: Bourbon Rabbi (last referenced: 1/13/22))
12 Yr Elijah Craig Single Barrel Bourbon – KLAS
18 Yr Elijah Craig Single Barrel Bourbon – KLAS
21Yr Elijah Craig Single Barrel Bourbon – KLAS
23 Yr Henry McKenna Single Barrel – KLAS
Baby Jane – OU
Bernheim Wheat Single Barrel – KLAS
Bernheim Wheat Barrel Strength – KLAS
Bespoke Gin Rye Barrel Finish – Rabbit Hole – KLAS
Black Dirt – Star K
Boondocks (All) – OU
Bootlegger21 – Whiskey OU
Buffalo Trace – Kosher Bourbon Rye Recipe – cRc
Buffalo Trace – Kosher Bourbon Wheat Recipe – cRc
Buffalo Trace – Kosher Straight Rye – cRc
Cali Mavericks DoubleWood Whiskey – Star K
Cali Riptide Cask Strength Rye Whiskey – Star K
CALI Whiskey – Star K
Ch Distillery Straight Bourbon – cRc
Cody Road – cRc
Cody Road – Single Barrel Bourbon – cRc
Dead Drop – Pecan Whiskey OU
Heaven Hill Corn Whiskey, 125° – KLAS
Elijah Craig 12 Yr Barrel Strength – KLAS
Elijah Craig 12 Program Barrels – KLAS
Elijah Craig Single Barrel Bourbon – KLAS
Evan Williams Black Label Bourbon – KLAS
Evan Williams Single Barrel Bourbon – KLAS
Fighting Cock 6 Yr 103° Single Barrels – KLAS
Henry McKenna 10yr Single Barrel – KLAS
Henry McKenna Single Barrel – KLAS
Heaven Hill Select Stock – KLAS
Jack Daniel’s – Gentleman Jack – OK
Jack Daniel’s Old No7 – OK
Jack Daniel’s – Old Number 27 – OK
Jack Daniel’s – Old Number 37 – OK
Jack Daniel’s – Single Barrel – OK
Jim Beam – Apple – OU
Jim Beam – Apple Liqueur with Bourbon – OU
Jim Beam – Honey – OU
Jim Beam – Hot Toddy with Bourbon – OU
Jim Beam – Kentucky Straight Rye – OU
Jim Beam – Kentucky Fire – OU
Jim Beam – Maple – OU
Jim Beam – Peach Liqueur Infused With Bourbon – OU
Jim Beam – Red Stag Black Cherry – OU
Jim Beam – Red Stag Hardcore Cider – OU
Jim Beam – Red Stag Honey Tea – OU
Jim Beam – Red Stag Spiced – OU
Jim Beam – Vanilla Liqueur Infused With Bourbon – OU
Journeyman Distillery – Featherbone Bourbon – Kosher Organics
Kirsch Bourbon – OU
Knob Creek – Straight Rye Whisky – OU
Koval – OU
Law’s – Scroll-K
Lusty Claw – KLAS
Liddel – Vodka – KLAS
Lion’s Pride – Bourbon – OU
Maker’s Mark – Mint Julep – OU
Michter’s US 1 Kentucky Straight Bourbon – OK
New Make Whiskey, 125° – KLAS
Old Haymarket Bourbon – KLAS (Kosher symbol must be present)
O.Z. Tyler Bourbon – KAY כשר KOSHER
Peerless Bourbon – KLAS
Peerless Rye – KLAS
Rabbit Hole – Boxergrail – KLAS
Rabbit Hole – Cavehill – KLAS
Rabbit Hole – Heigold – KLAS
Three Rangers – Organic Whiskey – OU
Traverse City Bourbon Port Finish – cRc
Wapsie Valley – OU
Widow Jane – OU
William Heavenhill – KLAS

Jewishly-Owned Bourbons That Might Be Hametz
According to a 2010 letter by the Association of Kashrus Organizations, here is a list of whiskies that might possibly be Jewishly-owned that do not sell their hametz for Passover:
1792 Ridgemont
99 Schnapps
A. Smith Bowman
Ancient Age
Antique Collection
Buffalo Trace
California Deluxe
Canadian Host
Canadian Hunter
Canadian LTD
Canadian Supreme
Colonel Lee
Dr McGillicuddy’s
Eagle Rare
Elmer T Lee
Experimental Collection
George T. Stagg
Hancock’s Presidents Reserve
Highland Mist
House of Stuart
James Foxe
Kentucky Gentleman
Kentucky Tavern
McAfee’s Benchmark
Mr. Boston
Northern Light
Old Charter
Old Rip Van Winkle
Old Thompson
Old Weller
Pappy Van Winkle
Rich & Rare
Rock Hill Farms
Royal Canadian
Sazerac Rye
Ten High
Thomas H. Handy
Tom Moore
Van Winkle
Very Old Barton
Virginia Gentleman
W L Weller

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