Considering a Guest Spot on the Podcast?

Are you an upcoming guest or considering being a guest on an upcoming episode of The Jewish Drinking Show? While you can get a feel for both the topics and the style of the podcast through listening and watching the already published episodes of the podcast, here are some helpful tidbits of further information that will help you:

The first thing I would recommend is a particular topic or two to have in mind related to drinking in the Jewish tradition, history, culture, etc. While Biblical, Rabbinic, and Halakhic texts are perhaps the first topics that may come to mind to discuss, other topics can include history of Jewish involvement in the liquor trade or liquor-production in certain places, as well as archaeological aspects, and more.

While this is a podcast, some people enjoy consuming their content on YouTube, so it is also a video series, as well. I have found Skype and Zoom to be useful tools in recording these episodes, followed by my editing of the episodes in video format and using that finished video product also or the use of the finished audio product. Since audio is an important component of the show, I have found it be helpful to have some sort of microphone for guests, whether a standalone microphone, or one that is part of a set of headphones.

While the finished episodes run roughly a half-hour, give or take 5-10 minutes, the recordings are sometimes 30-40 minutes, which I then edit down. Also, usually prior to the Zoom or Skype session on which we record, I will chat with the guest, followed by a few minutes of debrief following the recording of the episode (so, if I say “Goodbye” on the recording, that doesn’t mean I’m trying to get rid of the guest from the Skype/Zoom call).

The style of the podcast is, like other products of the podcast genre, a dialogic back-and-forth between the host and the guest, and less of a lecture format.

Promoting Work
Sometimes, guests ask me if it’s okay to promote a book of theirs, a lecture series, or any other work of theirs and it is 100% appropriate for the podcast. This podcast isn’t just an opportunity for guests to share their wisdom and expertise on a topic, but it’s also an opportunity to promote your other work 🙂

While I sometimes publish an episode within a week or two for the timeliness of a related holiday or other moment in time, often the episode will come out weeks later.

After publishing the episode, I will share it both on this website, as well as on social media, and it is fantastic when guests share their own episode on their website(s) and their social media channels!

Further Questions?
If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at 🙂

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