Upcoming Cincinnati Texts-and-Tasting Events [July, August, & September 2023]

Interested in attending upcoming monthly texts-and-tasting events of Jewish Drinking in Cincinnati? The schedule is now out:

For this series, the wines have been supplied by either the distributor, KosherWine.com, or the winery; the spirit has been supplied by the distiller, and the beers by the brewer/brewery. Here is a full listing:
July Tasting:

  • Twin Suns 2022 Buttery Chardonnay (courtesy of The River Wine)
  • Twin Suns 2021 Pinot Noir (courtesy of The River Wine)
  • Twin Suns 2021 Old Vine Zinfandel aged in sorghum whiskey barrels (courtesy of The River Wine)
  • Anoche Reposado tequila (courtesy of The River Wine)

August Tasting:

  • Nevo 2018 Petit Verdot (courtesy of KosherWine.com)
  • Nevo 2018 Blend (courtesy of KosherWine.com)
  • Jezreel Valley Winery 2019 Alfa (courtesy of the winery)
  • Hatch Brewery Baklava (courtesy of the brewery/brewer)
  • Hatch Brewery Pizza Earth Theory (courtesy of the brewery/brewer)

September Tasting:

  • Mia Luce Winery 2020 Syrah & Stems (courtesy of KosherWine.com)
  • Yaffo Winery 2018 Heritage (courtesy of KosherWine.com)
  • Yotam 2020 Cuvée Vera (courtesy of KosherWine.com)
  • M&H Distillery Levantine Oak-Aged Gin (courtesy of the distillery)

In addition to gaining fascinating insights into these Jewish practices, we will gather for a tasting, following which, attendees are welcome to share their tasting notes on-camera, which will become part of our tasting notes series.

While there is no charge to attend these events in Cincinnati, a suggested minimum donation of $18 is requested, which be made either by check to Jewish Drinking, or by PayPal.

Any questions? Feel free to email Drew [at] JewishDrinking.com.

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