Board of Directors

As Jewish Drinking developed from a podcast, as well as a website chock full of resources, and grew, it became evident that it would stand to benefit from becoming an official organization. To help guide, steer, and elevate it, a board of directors was formed in December 2021. Since then, the board of directors has grown to now include the following members, in addition to its founder, Rabbi Drew (in alphabetical order by last name):

Jeff Harris – Cincinnati, OH

Josh Mann

Josh Mann – Boston, MA
Favorite beverage – Jews and Booze barrel picks of whiskey.
What you wish to see this organization accomplish: “Creating resources for those wanting to explore the world of beer, wine, and spirits from a Jewish perspective.”

Ady Manory – Cincinnati, OH

Ryan Mather

Ryan Mather – Cincinnati, OH
Michael Rosenbaum – Cincinnati, OH

The board of directors meets, as per the organization’s bylaws, on a quarterly basis, in order to guide and elevate Jewish Drinking in order to fulfill its mission.

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