August-November 2024 Lineup of Episodes of The Jewish Drinking Show [Tentative]

Having announced during the 155th episode of The Jewish Drinking Show that there would be a summer break for The Jewish Drinking Show, returning in August, I am excited to announce the August-November tentative lineup, kicking-off with a mini-series on drunkenness in Jewish texts: August 19th – Drunkenness in the Bible (Episode #156) August 26th – […]

Jewish Link Publishes Third Annual Summer Food & Wine Issue

The Jewish Link, which is known amongst readers of this website for publishing its annual Wine Guide, has published its third annual Summer Food & Wine issue, which is available online, as well as in print. Edited by Elizabeth Krantz, this issue has the following: “Eitan Bernath Explores Cuisine of Jewish Mexico City” by Channa Fischer […]

Rosh Chodesh Clubs, featuring Yossie Horwitz [The Jewish Drinking Show, episode 155]

Intro Having heard about Rosh Chodesh Clubs, I was curious to learn more about them, as well as to speak with the creator of this initiative, Yossie Horwitz, who is the guest on the 155th episode of The Jewish Drinking Show. Biography of Guest Growing up in a tee-totaling household in Jerusalem, Yossie Horwitz didn’t […]

Announcing Summer Series

Having held three spring Cincinnati local Texts-and-Tastings events around the holidays, Jewish Drinking is now gearing up for a summer series on drunkenness in rabbinic literature. Spring Events Kicking off the spring’s events with an event on the semi-rare celebration of Purim Katan, the event delved into texts in our tradition on this topic, resulting […]

Israel Episodes of The Jewish Drinking Show

With today being Yom Ha’Atzma’ut, celebrating the 76th anniversary of the modern state of Israel, in case you’re looking for Israel-related content, here is a listing of Israel-related episodes of The Jewish Drinking Show: Wine in Israel, featuring Erik Segelbaum Modern Israeli Wine History, Part 1: Early History, featuring Adam Montefiore Modern Israeli Wine History, Part […]

Wine as חיי נפש according to Rabbi Moshe Isserles [Video Clip]

In this clip from the 33rd episode of Shu”t First, Ask Questions Later, Rabbi Drew Kaplan chats with Rabbi Moshe Kurtz concerning Rabbi Moshe Isserles‘ assertion that wine is חיי נפש in his rabbinic responsum #124:   The text under discussion for this clip is this excerpt from שו”ת רמ”א קכ”ד: מעתה דבפת נהגו בקצת מקומות […]

Speaking at Winter 2023-2024 Events

As winter gives way to spring, this is an excellent opportunity to share winter events at which Jewish Drinking content was shared. This is in addition to the Cincinnati local monthly tasting events, which also took place. Introduction to Drinking in Judaism for JPro Cincy For the Cincinnati group of JPro, I spoke to a […]

Rabbi Isserles on Drinking Between the 2nd & 3rd Glasses of Wine at the Seder [Video Clip]

In this clip from the recent episode of The Jewish Drinking Show, we discuss Rabbi Moshe Isserles‘ guidance regarding drinking between the second and third cups of wine at the Passover Seder:

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