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The Purim Katan Episode [The Jewish Drinking Show, ep. 151]

With the 14th of the first Adar coming up in just a few days, how is this day to be celebrated? After all, it is still kind of like Purim. Indeed, it has become known as Purim Katan – the little Purim. The newest episode of The Jewish Drinking Show focusses on exactly this topic. […]

Drinking During Mourning [The Jewish Drinking Show, episode 150]

Introduction While not typically considered, drinking is something that can happen during mourning in Judaism. There is a prohibition against drinking between death of a loved one and their burial, called aninut, there is an interesting debate concerning drinking during shivah, around which the 150th episode of The Jewish Drinking Show centers. In this fifth […]

The Rebellious Son (Ben Sorer Umoreh), featuring Dr. Rebekah Welton [The Jewish Drinking Show, ep. 149]

Introduction The legislation in the Torah concerning a wayward and rebellious son (בן סורר ומורה) is an interesting, enigmatic, and curious passage relating to raising children (Deuteronomy 21:18-21). It also happens to be an interesting Jewish drinking text to explore. Fortunately, the 149th episode of The Jewish Drinking Show features a guest who has written on […]

Boone County Distilling: Creating Fascinating Bourbon Products under Kosher-Certification, featuring Josh Quinn [The Jewish Drinking Show, ep. 148]

Introduction Having come across some interesting products that were kosher-certified that I would not have expected to be as such, I was fascinated to find out more about Boone County Distilling. The two products that stood out to me were their bourbon creme, as well as their bourbon aged in Dalton Winery casks from Israel. […]

Starting a Kosher Wine-Importing & Distributing Business, featuring Ami & Larissa Nahari [The Jewish Drinking Show, episode 147]

Introduction What is it like creating a kosher wine-importing and distributing business? While the 147th episode of The Jewish Drinking Show begins with a discussion of these question, this episode featuring Ami & Larissa Nahari, founders & owners of The River Wine, turns into an exploration of their products that are the first in the […]

Man Seders, featuring Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Sinensky [The Jewish Drinking Show, ep. 146]

Introduction Man Seders have previously received coverage in such publications as The Forward (“Is the ‘Man Seder’ Wrong?”) and The Wall Street Journal (“‘Man Seders’ Flow With Steak and Scotch”), which feature meat and whiskey. Based off of his essay on The Man’s Seder, the 146th episode of The Jewish Drinking Show features Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Sinensky […]

Jerusalem’s First (& Only) Distillery, featuring Bennett Kaplan [The Jewish Drinking Show ep. 145]

Throughout Jerusalem’s multi-millenial history, there had never been a distillery…until a few years ago. As part of The Jewish Drinking Show‘s Toast to Israel at 75 mini-series, co-founder and co-CEO of Thinkers Distillery, Bennett Kaplan, joins the show to speak about this historic distillery. In addition to being available below in video format, the episode is […]

Creative Brewing in Israel, featuring Shmuel Naky and Ephraim Greenblatt [The Jewish Drinking Show episode 144]

Continuing on in our Toast to Israel at 75 mini-series, this episode features Shmuel Naky and Ephraim Greenblatt, brewer and owner, respectively, of Hatch Brewing in Jerusalem. In some respects, it follows from the previous episode of the show, focussing on creating a brewery in Jerusalem. In addition to being available below in video format, […]

Drinking In/Out of Sukkot [The Jewish Drinking Show episode 142]

Intro With the holiday of Sukkot only days away, a question that arises is which drinking is one allowed to do outside of the sukkah and how much does one need to drink within a sukkah? In this fourth “Drinks and Discussion”-style episode, Rabbi Drew Kaplan leads a text-based discussion on the topic. Previous “Drinks […]

Contemporary Beer Trends in Israel, featuring Doug Greener [The Jewish Drinking Show Episode 141]

Introduction Having previously sat down with The Jerusalem Post‘s wine writer to discuss contemporary trends in wine in Israel, the newest episode of The Jewish Drinking Show features The Jerusalem Post‘s beer writer. As part of the Toast to Israel at 75 mini-series, Doug Greener and Rabbi Drew Kaplan get together over beers in the Maḥaneh […]

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