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Promised Land Beverage Co. KFP Cider, Kosher Vermouths, & More, featuring Yoni Schwartz [Ep. #96 of The Jewish Drinking Show]

Having heard of certified kosher-for-Passover apple cider/beer, as well as new kosher-certified vermouths, I was intrigued to speak with the man behind these creations. For the 96th episode of The Jewish Drinking Show, Yoni Schwartz of Promised Land Beverage Co. speaks on his Exodus hopped cider, as well as his kosher-certified dry vermouth and sweet […]

Looking to Buy Kosher Vermouth in the US?

A question that I frequently encounter is where can one purchase kosher-certified vermouth? This question frequently occurs due to vermouth being largely wine-based and, therefore, subject to concerns about gentile wine, thus requiring kosher-certification. While one can generally find Kedem’s dry vermouth or sweet vermouth in the US, in case you are looking for another […]

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