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A Jewish Tavern: Lehrhaus, featuring Rabbi Charlie Schwartz [Episode 122 of The Jewish Drinking Show]

Having announced a first-of-its-kind Jewish tavern in America in August, Joshua Foer and Rabbi Charlie Schwartz then appeared on the Identity/Crisis podcast nearly two months ago to share further about their tavern. As their tavern, Lehrhaus, is set to open a week from today, I’m excited to share that Rabbi Schwartz is the featured guest […]

Kosher-Certification for America’s Kosher Brewery & Bakery, Long Beach Beer Lab [Video Clip]

In this clip from the 121st episode of The Jewish Drinking Show, Harmony Sage Fried and Dr. Levi Fried share about kosher-certification for Long Beach Beer Lab and Long Beach Bread Lab:

America’s Kosher Brewery & Bakery: Long Beach Beer Lab and Long Beach Bread Lab, featuring Harmony & Dr. Levi Fried [The Jewish Drinking Show episode 121]

Intro While there are thousands of breweries in America and even dozens of them under kosher-certification, there is only one that is also a kosher-certified brewery! Located in Southern California, Long Beach Beer Lab and Long Beach Bread Lab is America’s kosher brewery and bakery. Speaking about founding, owning, and operating these businesses on the […]

Upcoming Schedule of Episodes for The Jewish Drinking Show [January-February 2023]

As mentioned on the 120th episode of The Jewish Drinking Show last week, the show will be taking a four-week winter break from publication, resuming in the middle of next month. Here is the tentative schedule for the first two months of 2023: 17 January 2023 – Long Beach Beer Lab, featuring Harmony & Dr. Levi […]

Shirah Wines, Featuring Shimon and Gabriel Weiss [The Jewish Drinking Show, Episode #120]

The brothers Shimon and Gabriel Weiss created the award-winning Shirah Wines over a dozen years and continue to produce quality kosher-certified wine. There are probably not too many brother winemaking teams out there in the kosher world, so it’s pretty neat to hear from them on the 120th episode of The Jewish Drinking Show share […]

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