Looking to Buy Kosher Vermouth in the US?

Kosher-certified runs of Martini & Rossi red and white vermouths available in Israel

A question that I frequently encounter is where can one purchase kosher-certified vermouth? This question frequently occurs due to vermouth being largely wine-based and, therefore, subject to concerns about gentile wine, thus requiring kosher-certification.

While one can generally find Kedem’s dry vermouth or sweet vermouth in the US, in case you are looking for another kosher-certified vermouth, what else could you use?

Something I know people like to buy is kosher-certified vermouth in Israel, particularly the special kosher-certified runs of Martini & Rossi, although there are others. (In full disclosure, I typically bring back kosher-certified vermouth when I travel to Israel, so I’m amongst those people.)

However, for those not able to purchase vermouth in Israel (or have friends or family bring it back for them), there are a couple of other domestic options:

Promised Land Beverage Company sells Dry Vermouth and Sweet Vermouth in the US (photo courtesy of Yoni Schwartz)

In case you are not interested in purchasing kosher-certified vermouths online, you can also make your own. Here is one such recipe that came recommended to me.

Any others you come across? Please let me know at Drew [at] JewishDrinking.com

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