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Chicago Rabbinical Council Updates Kosher Liquor List for 2023

One of the most frequented kosher liquor lists has just been updated in recent days. According to their website, the Chicago Rabbinical Council updated their kosher liquor list four days ago. Just as they updated their list in early January 2022, they have updated it for 2023. Categories include American whiskey, bar stock items, beer, Bourbon, […]

JTA Article on Shmaltz Brewing Ownership Transition

Although not news for listeners of The Jewish Drinking Show, you may have caught yesterday’s article in the JTA regarding Shmaltz Brewing’s transition of ownership. Written by Andrew Lapin, the article describes the transition of ownership between original owner, Jeremy Cowan, and new owner, Jesse Epstein. As listeners/viewers of the 117th episode of The Jewish Drinking […]

Lehrhaus Nearing Completion as Founders Speak on Recent Podcast Episode

As Lehrhaus is nearing completion, its founders spoke about their aspirations on a recent podcast episode. Lehrhaus, which its founders style as “a Jewish tavern and house of learning”, was announced this summer and will be opening soon. Lehrhaus’ founders, Joshua Foer and Rabbi Charlie Schwartz appeared on the recent episode of Identity/Crisis, speaking with Dr. […]

Launching Audio Resources Page

As serves as the #1 resource in the world for drinking in Jewish wisdom, history, practice, and more, a new resource is now being added to the website: audio resources. This new section will continue to fuel’s place as the leading resource in the world on drinking in Jewish wisdom, history, practice, and […]

Rabbi Drew Speaks about The Jewish Drinking Show on A Dram & a Drash Podcast

A new podcast featuring a focus on whiskey and Jewish life recently hit the Internet this fall and yours truly is a featured guest. For the third episode of “A Dram & a Drash”, host Rabbi Rachel Gurevitz invited me (Rabbi Drew) to be the guest, in which we spoke largely about The Jewish Drinking […]

Fleishig’s Magazine’s First-Ever Drinks Issue

For the first time in its history, Fleishigs has published an issue focussed on beverages. The 39th such publication, the August 2022 issue of the magazine is the 2022 Drinks Issue. As the magazine’s editor, Shifra Klein, writes in her editor’s letter, “we are all about celebrating happy occasions through food, but we never dedicated […]

Yossie Horwitz’ 2022 Pesach Wine-Buying Guide

Yossie Horwitz, of Yossie’s Corkboard, has published his 2022 Passover wine-buying guide. As to putting together this guide, Horwitz writes I find choosing wine for our sedarim a worthy endeavor to apply some effort too, especially given the teaching by our sages that wine gladdens the heart and there is no joy without wine (and […]

Recent Podcast Episodes on Jewish Drinking Topics: Seforim Chatter and Orthodox Conundrum

While The Jewish Drinking Show is the leading podcast dedicated to topics related to Jewish drinking, it is not the only one to feature episodes on Jewish drinking topics. Published a few weeks ago, the 104th episode of Orthodox Conundrum, “Problematic Behaviors in Yeshiva High Schools: Binge Drinking, Gambling, and More” features Rabbi Tully Harcsztark […]

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