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Wineries Announced for Kosher Food & Wine Experience (KFWE) 2023

Leading up to this week’s Kosher Food & Wine Experience (KFWE), a list of over seven dozen wineries pouring their wines has been released. A production of Royal Wine Corporation, this year’s KFWE will be taking place tomorrow in New York City, as well as on Wednesday in Los Angeles. The listing of wineries whose […]

Chicago Rabbinical Council Updates Kosher Liquor List for 2023

One of the most frequented kosher liquor lists has just been updated in recent days. According to their website, the Chicago Rabbinical Council updated their kosher liquor list four days ago. Just as they updated their list in early January 2022, they have updated it for 2023. Categories include American whiskey, bar stock items, beer, Bourbon, […]

Launching Audio Resources Page

As JewishDrinking.com serves as the #1 resource in the world for drinking in Jewish wisdom, history, practice, and more, a new resource is now being added to the website: audio resources. This new section will continue to fuel JewishDrinking.com’s place as the leading resource in the world on drinking in Jewish wisdom, history, practice, and […]

October-November 2022 Schedule of Upcoming Episodes of The Jewish Drinking Show

I hope you have enjoyed the September episodes of The Jewish Drinking Show on Making Cocktails On Shabbat with Dan Rabinowitz, Talmudic Parables of Wine with Looks with Dr. Elana Stein Hain, and The Term חבורה in Tannaitic (Early Rabbinic) Literature with Dr. Orit Malka. As we are in the midst of the fall holidays of Tishrei, this is […]

New Kosher Beverage Resources

Four new resources have been launched to help kosher-concerned consumers consider kosher drinks. Specifically, these pages are on beer wine whiskey whiskey aged in containers that previously held gentile wine (e.g. Scotch in Sherry casks) While these resources are still quite new, I welcome any feedback, suggestions, questions, or more at Drew [at] JewishDrinking.com.

Rescheduling Booze in the Holy Land Trip 2022

Having shared the great opportunity for the first-ever Booze in the Holy Land trip a month ago, we were very excited for the first such trip in just a few months. However, owing to recent challenges to finalize logistics with the uncertainty caused by the newest variant of COVID-19, we are having to reschedule the […]

Booze in the Holy Land Trip Registration Now Open

Having previously announced the first-ever Booze in the Holy Land trip, I am excited to share that registration for the trip is now open! Booze in the Holy Land will be a phenomenal opportunity to not only experience Israeli wine, whiskey, and more, but also to gain special access to hear from those involved in […]

Buffalo Trace Releases Kosher-Certified Whiskies

A First For Buffalo Trace Buffalo Trace Distillery has released a trio of certified kosher whiskies for the company’s first time, utilizing the kosher supervision of the Chicago Rabbinical Council (cRc-Kosher). This may also be the first time a Bourbon has advertised its kosher status on its label. Buffalo Trace began working with cRc in […]

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