Chicago Rabbinical Council Updates Liquor List for 2024

One of the most highly-consulted kosher liquor lists has just been updated in recent days. According to their website, the Chicago Rabbinical Council (CRC) updated their kosher liquor list three days ago. Just as they updated their list in early January 2023, they have updated it for 2024.

Published as a pdf, listing beverages in alphabetical order by producer, the list is bicolumnal, denoting not only kosher-certified products, but also “approved” and “not recommended” items. As the CRC notes at the outset of the document, “due to continual changes in the liquor industry, alcoholic beverages which are certified as kosher are preferable to those which are merely ‘Approved’.” Categories include various whiskies, beer, liqueurs, and more.

According to the document, it is “updated regularly and should be considered accurate until December 31, 2024.”  As the list changes every year, due to either new products becoming kosher-certified, or perhaps otherwise, this year’s CRC kosher liquor list is slightly longer than the past two years’ lists. Both the 2022 list and the 2023 list run at 38 pages, while this year’s list runs to 39 pages. The product category with the most pages is Beer, which seemed to get smaller this year, with 14.5 pages in the 2023 list and 14 pages in the 2024 list (with such a huge list, please email me to let me know what changed).

Products Gone from the List from 2023 to 2024
While astute readers out there might be able to point out further additions or subtractions from the list (especially in the voluminous beer category), some whiskies some items that are no longer on the list include a bunch of products from Journeyman Distillery, Jack Daniels, and Lion’s Pride. There are a lot of items from Rose’s that are also omitted in the 2024 list that appeared on the 2023 list. There are also a lot of Dettling brandies that are omitted from 2023 to 2024.

New Products on the List for 2024
In a different direction, new on the 2024 list Giant Bourbon, Giant Bourbon 95 Proof Potstill Bottle, Giant Bourbon Cask Strength, and Giant Wheated Bourbon, assorted varieties from Black Button Distilling, and Righteous Road Straight Bourbon Whiskey.  There are also new kosher-certified brandies, many of which are kosher-for-Passover: Carmel 100 Brandy, Carmel 777 Brandy, Kvint – Divin Kosher Brandy, Kvint – Kosher Brandy, Laufer – Vitis Brandy, and The Cave. Brandy VSOP. A new kosher-certified mead is Laufer – Apple Mead with Cinnamon, which is also kosher-for-Passover. A bunch of new products that are kosher-certified when bearing the kosher certification logo  in the Other Alcoholic Beverages category are Hard Mountain Dew – Baja Blast, Hard Mountain Dew – Baja Blast Mango, Hard Mountain Dew – Baja Blast Pineapple, Hard Mountain Dew – Baja Blast Punch, Hard Mountain Dew – Black Cherry, Hard Mountain Dew – Livewire, Hard Mountain Dew – Original, Hard Mountain Dew – Watermelon, Kentucky Cooler – Black Cherry Lemonade, Kentucky Cooler – Citrus Punch, Kentucky Cooler – Strawberry Punch, Kentucky Cooler – Sweet Tea Lemonade, Loma Vista – Grapefruit Tequila Soda, Loma Vista – Lime Tequila Soda, Loma Vista – Mango Tequila Soda, and Loma Vista – Watermelon Tequila Soda.

Here is a pagination listing of different beverages in this list:

  • American Whiskey – p. 1
  • Bar Stock Items – p. 2
  • Beer – p. 2
  • Bourbon (Whiskey) – p. 16
  • Brandy – p. 18
  • Canadian Whisky – p. 19
  • Cognac – p. 19
  • Gin – p. 19
  • Hard Cider – p. 20
  • Hard Seltzer – p. 21
  • Irish Whiskey – p. 23
  • Liqueur – p. 24
  • Mead – p. 27
  • Other Alcoholic Beverages – p. 27
  • Rum – p. 28
  • Rye (Whiskey) – p. 29
  • Sake – p. 29
  • Scotch (Whisky) – p. 31
  • Soju – p. 33
  • Tequila – p. 34
  • Vermouth – p. 36
  • Vodka – p. 36
  • Wine – p. 39

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