Drinking During Mourning [The Jewish Drinking Show, episode 150]

While not typically considered, drinking is something that can happen during mourning in Judaism. There is a prohibition against drinking between death of a loved one and their burial, called aninut, there is an interesting debate concerning drinking during shivah, around which the 150th episode of The Jewish Drinking Show centers.

In this fifth “Drinks and Discussion”-style episode, Rabbi Drew Kaplan leads a text-based discussion on the topic. The first three were recorded and published in 2020, while this is the second episode recorded in 2023. Previous “Drinks and Discussion” episodes are listed below. This episode also builds off the How Many Cups of Wine to Drink at a Mourner’s House – 10 vs 14? episode from March 2020.

In addition to being available below in video format, the episode is also available in podcast format on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever else you prefer listening to podcasts:

Sources for this episode are available here.

“Drinks and Discussion”-style Episodes

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