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2nd Spiritual Whisky Tour Announced

 Rabbi Yonah’s phenomenal Spiritual Whisky Tour returns to Scotland from May 27th through June 2nd 2024. It offers an exclusive journey for Jewish men passionate about whisky, adventure, and farbrengen. Following up from last year’s inaugural trip, this year’s trip focusses on three regions: Campbeltown, the Highlands, and Speyside. The Spiritual Whisky Tour (SWT) […]

Cincinnati Kiddush Club Scotches, featuring Yossi Francus [episode 134 of The Jewish Drinking Show]

Having discussed kiddush clubs previously on The Jewish Drinking Show, every kiddush club has its own unique aspects. One such kiddush club even got their own Scotch from Bruichladdich years ago (here is the article referenced in The New Yorker regarding this distillery), and it finally arrived. One of the members of this group is […]

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