When leap years occur in the Jewish calendar, it creates the addition of a new month. The new month, which occurs every few years, is Adar. As this month is not only the month in which Purim occurs, but there is also an early rabbinic statement indicates very little difference between these two Adars in a leap year (mMegillah 1:4), this creates what becomes known as “Purim Katan”, the little Purim.

Is there any need to do anything for this day, to celebrate it, to refrain from mourning, etc. are matters that rabbinic scholars throughout the generations have considered.

Here are some sources on the topic that were discussed as part of The Purim Katan episode of The Jewish Drinking Show.

Here are some video clips from that episode:

Purim Katan occurs roughly every few years (according to HebCal):

  • 14-15 February 2022
  • 22-23 February 2024
  • 20-21 February 2027
  • 16-17 February 2030
  • 12-13 February 2033
  • 22-23 February 2035
  • 18-19 February 2038

Here are dozens of audio talks on this topic from YUTorah:

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