August 2022 Episodes of The Jewish Drinking Show Announced

Having previously shared that The Jewish Drinking Show would be taking a break for July 2022, I am excited to share the tentative upcoming schedule for August 2022:

  • 16 August – #109: Jacob Ner-David – Jezreel Valley Winery and Vinsent
  • 23 August – #110: Dr. Jon Seligman – Byzantine Era Vineyard in Yavneh
  • 30 August – #111: Dr. Orit Malka – The Term חבורה in Tannaitic (Early Rabbinic) Literature

Continuing from the summer break begun in July, the first couple of weeks of August will still be part of the show’s summer break.

Leading-off after this summer break will be Jacob Ner-David of Jezreel Valley Winery and Vinsent, which follows-up nicely from episode #108 on Israeli wines.

Continuing this theme of wine in Israel will be Dr. Jon Seligman of the Israel Antiquities Authority discussing his archaeological findings of the largest Byzantine era wine-making operation, which was in Yavneh.

Switching gears, the final episode of August will feature Dr. Orit Malka of Hebrew University of Jerusalem sharing her research on the term חבורה in Tannaitic (early rabbinic) literature – yes, it definitely relates to rabbinic wine-drinking.


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