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Cocktails in Mochers Magazine with Yissie Steinhart

A new Jewish publication this year that has created some interesting buzz is Mochers magazine. The magazine, which some consider to be like an Orthodox GQ magazine, considers itself to be “the premier Jewish Men’s Lifestyle experience. From hobbies to collections, get the ultimate guide and journey for the modern day Jewish Gent.” As such, […]

Pandemic Pivoting in Israel with Joel Haber

How has the alcohol industry in Israel pivoted during the COVID-19 global pandemic? Returning as a guest to The Jewish Drinking Show to answer this question is Joel Haber. Haber speaks on how breweries, distilleries, and more have pivoted during this time period. Haber has been working on “The Taste of Jewish Culture”, a project on Jewish […]

Pandemic Liquor Sales, featuring Mendy Mark

How has the pandemic affected liquor sales? How has the pandemic affected kosher liquor sales? Returning to The Jewish Drinking Show is Mendy Mark, the manager at FillerUP Wines in Teaneck, NJ, who previously spoke about pre-pandemic liquor sales in episode #74. The episode is available on podcasting platforms, as well as on YouTube:

The Jews and Booze Facebook Group

Introduction Having come across a Facebook group dedicated to Jews and Booze, I was pleasantly surprised to see a group discussing a topic near and dear to my heart, so I was glad to have the founder of the group as the guest for the 77th episode of The Jewish Drinking Show. Guest Bio For […]

Pre-Pandemic Liquor Sales, featuring Mendy Mark

How has the pandemic affected liquor sales, especially at a kosher liquor store? Joining The Jewish Drinking Show for the first time is Mendy Mark, the manager at FillerUP Wines in Teaneck, NJ. As a note, while putting this episode together, I realized that there was a lot of content here, so I split out […]

Psalms 104:15 in the Babylonian Talmud featuring Professor AJ Berkovitz

Intro An intriguing verse appears in the book of Psalms: “וְיַ֤יִן ׀ יְשַׂמַּ֬ח לְֽבַב־אֱנ֗וֹשׁ wine cheers the hearts of men” (Psalm 104:15), which is a felicitous Biblical expression, although how do the rabbis of the Babylonian Talmud use it? For the 73rd episode of The Jewish Drinking Show, Professor AJ Berkovitz joins the show to discuss […]

The Wine Festival in the Dead Sea Scrolls

The Dead Sea Scrolls have been noticeably absent up until now for The Jewish Drinking Show. To remedy this situation, the 72nd episode of the show centers on a wine festival in the Dead Sea Scrolls. Featuring Professor Marvin Sweeney, this episode is on the wine festival in The Temple Scroll. Guest Bio Prof. Marvin A. […]

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