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Oneg Shabbas Parashah Sheet for Sukkot [29-30 September 2023]

The new issue of the Oneg Shabbas parashah sheet, the unofficial parashah sheet for kiddush clubs, is now available. This issue has a d’var Torah on drinking on Sukkot, libations on Sukkot, a brief piece on Havdallah in the Sukkah, and about Cincinnati local texts-and-tastings events, as well as information about the newest episode of The Jewish Drinking Show.

Drinking In/Out of Sukkot [The Jewish Drinking Show episode 142]

Intro With the holiday of Sukkot only days away, a question that arises is which drinking is one allowed to do outside of the sukkah and how much does one need to drink within a sukkah? In this fourth “Drinks and Discussion”-style episode, Rabbi Drew Kaplan leads a text-based discussion on the topic. Previous “Drinks […]

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