Introducing Videos & Podcasting

Having imported writings of mine from other blogs on Jewish drinking texts, and with more posts upcoming, I will now also be creating video content as well as my first-ever podcast(!).

The introductory video and podcast episode are now available – you can also see them listed on the videos and podcasting page I created.

My vision is to create weekly content for those media, along the lines of 15-30 minutes per episode, and, yes, hopefully, some drinking will be involved (unlike the introductory video/podcast). My plan is to have guests on each episode, since I think it will be a lot more interesting, plus it also allows the opportunity to bring in people with expertises and knowledge bases beyond mine. For instance, I could have someone discuss kabbalistic or hasidic drinking texts, which is beyond me, or even someone who discusses something out of Jewish history related to drinking. So stay tuned for that.

If you have topics in which you’re interested in hearing or know of someone you would like to recommend, please feel free to let me know at

One further opportunity out there are sponsorships. While I likely need to build a listener base to show quantitative numbers to generate potential sponsorship revenue, that could be really neat! Also, if anybody has any products they would like to place (beer, spirits, wine, etc.), you can also feel free to contribute(!) – hit me up at to help you provide that platform.

I’m very excited about moving into the video/podcasting space with this content and not simply written content!

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