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Launching Audio Resources Page

As JewishDrinking.com serves as the #1 resource in the world for drinking in Jewish wisdom, history, practice, and more, a new resource is now being added to the website: audio resources. This new section will continue to fuel JewishDrinking.com’s place as the leading resource in the world on drinking in Jewish wisdom, history, practice, and […]

New Kosher Beverage Resources

Four new resources have been launched to help kosher-concerned consumers consider kosher drinks. Specifically, these pages are on beer wine whiskey whiskey aged in containers that previously held gentile wine (e.g. Scotch in Sherry casks) While these resources are still quite new, I welcome any feedback, suggestions, questions, or more at Drew [at] JewishDrinking.com.

URLs Change

Just this week, I changed over the way the URLs work for this website. After 17 months of one set-up, I have switched it over to a new arrangement. This, unfortunately, is leading to a lot of links incorrectly working😢 For instance, the most recent episode of The Jewish Drinking Show was posted as http://jewishdrinking.com/holidays-and-festivals/purim/drinkingpartiesesther/ although […]

Secondary Literature Page Launched

Today marks the launch of the secondary literature page here at JewishDrinking.com! While you may come here to JewishDrinking.com to get your podcasts, videos, source sheets, and other good reading about Jewish drinking, it is not the only place to read about Jewish drinking. Thus, in a new way to continue to provide value to […]

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