Launching Audio Resources Page

As serves as the #1 resource in the world for drinking in Jewish wisdom, history, practice, and more, a new resource is now being added to the website: audio resources.

This new section will continue to fuel’s place as the leading resource in the world on drinking in Jewish wisdom, history, practice, and more, as it serves to allow people to discover podcasts, podcast episodes, and other audio on the Internet concerning such topics.

Having mentioned earlier this year that there had some recent podcasts out there publishing episodes on topics related to Jewish Drinking (but not The Jewish Drinking Show), I realized that this would be an excellent opportunity to create a central resource for not only written literature related to drinking, but also audio productions on drinking.

As such, this new section will feature audio publications on Jewish drinking topics (aside from The Jewish Drinking Show and appearances on others’ podcasts), whether they be podcasts, podcast episodes, or other audio publications. If you have any such audio content not yet included on this list, I am open to suggestions to add on to the list; please email me at Drew at

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