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“Sip For Solidarity” – Consider Israeli Wines During These Tough Times

The world of wine in Israel, perhaps the oldest wine-producing region in the world, has always represented a sense of peace and goodwill, but has become collateral damage of the horrible atrocities that occurred on Shemini Atzeret (October 7th). To raise awareness and in support of Israel and Israeli wineries, the Israeli Wine Producers Association […]

Contemporary Wine Trends in Israel, featuring Adam Montefiore [The Jewish Drinking Show episode 140]

Introduction Ever wondered what the contemporary wine scene in Israel is like? I’m very excited to welcome back Adam Montefiore, who previously appeared on the show discussing Modern Israeli Wine History, Part 1: Early History and Modern Israeli Wine History, Part 2: 1970s-Present. As part of the Toast to Israel at 75 mini-series, we get […]

Nevo & Jezreel Valley Wines: A Tasting [Video]

At our recent Texts-and-Tasting event, we tasted a few wines: – Nevo 2018 Petit Verdot – Nevo 2018 Blend – Jezreel Valley Winery 2019 Alfa Here are our thoughts: Disclosure: the Nevo wines were provided to Jewish Drinking for review purposes by KosherWine.com, while the Jezreel Valley wine was provided by the winery to Jewish […]

Jacob Ner-David – Jezreel Valley Winery

Following-up from the previous episode of the show on Israeli wines, the 109th episode of The Jewish Drinking Show features Jacob Ner-David on the Israeli winery he co-founded, Jezreel Valley Winery. Ner-David is a 20+year veteran of serial entrepreneurship and technology innovation with deep connectivity in the Israeli and American venture scene. Ner-David is the […]

Modern Israeli Wine History, Part 2: 1970s-Present, featuring Adam Montefiore – The Jewish Drinking Show episode #93

Following-up from the previous episode of The Jewish Drinking Show on an early history of modern Israel’s wine history, Adam Montefiore shares about Israel’s wine history from the 1970s to the present for the 93rd episode of the show. Adam Montefiore is a wine industry insider turned wine writer, who has contributed to the advance […]

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