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Massekhet Purim: An 18th Century Talmudic Parody, featuring Professor Richard Sarason [The Jewish Drinking Show, Episode #126]

Introduction As Purim is a time for not only merry-making and drinking, but also for some silliness, there have also been Hebrew parodies written for Purim, including, as we have discussed before, 14th century Hebrew parodies. Moving closer to our time, the very amusing Massekhet Purim, a Talmudic parody for Purim in the 18th century, […]

14th century Purim Parodies featuring Rabbi Adam Rosenthal

When Purim rolls around, it’s often celebrated as an occasion for levity and silliness, with a special focus on – you guessed it – drinking. As such, the 95th episode of The Jewish Drinking Show welcomes Rabbi Adam Rosenthal to discuss 14th century Purim parodies that are all about drinking. Rabbi Rosenthal is presently employed […]

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