14th century Purim Parodies featuring Rabbi Adam Rosenthal

When Purim rolls around, it’s often celebrated as an occasion for levity and silliness, with a special focus on – you guessed it – drinking. As such, the 95th episode of The Jewish Drinking Show welcomes Rabbi Adam Rosenthal to discuss 14th century Purim parodies that are all about drinking.

Rabbi Rosenthal is presently employed at a synagogue in LA and working on his doctoral dissertation from HUC-JIR in Cincinnati on our topic, 14th century Purim parodies. He earned a master of philosophy degree from HUC-JIR, a master of arts degree and rabbinic ordination from JTS, as well as an undergraduate degree from Washington University.

The episode is available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and wherever else you prefer listening to podcasts, in addition to available in video:

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