Starting a Kosher Wine-Importing & Distributing Business, featuring Ami & Larissa Nahari [The Jewish Drinking Show, episode 147]

What is it like creating a kosher wine-importing and distributing business? While the 147th episode of The Jewish Drinking Show begins with a discussion of these question, this episode featuring Ami & Larissa Nahari, founders & owners of The River Wine, turns into an exploration of their products that are the first in the market to be kosher-certified.

Biographies of Guests
CEO and Founder of The River Wine, Ami Nahari brings 15 years of business consulting expertise, focusing on customer satisfaction, organizational structure and service management. A product of an elite Israeli Army unit and graduate of the management school at Bar-Ilan University, Mr. Nahari is committed to building an organization based on values, ethics, professionalism and modern methods. A resident of New York City since 2000, Mr. Nahari has been hired by Fortune 100 companies in order to improve operations and processes. Mr. Nahari borrows best practices from High-Tech and the financial industries to establish state of the art wine distribution operation.

Ms. Nahari imparts creativity, insight and a keen aesthetic eye to all of The River’s activities, with 14 years of product and brand marketing experience. Larissa’s experience is with fast-paced industries such as fashion and design, where detail is of the utmost importance. Managing websites, catalogue and event production, along with brand messaging, has built her portfolio of skills to offer The River Wine a fresh and sophisticated approach.

Here’s an article from a decade ago on how these two met (and includes part of their story as starting up as a wine-importer).

In addition to being available below in video format, the episode is also available in podcast format on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever else you prefer listening to podcasts:

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