A Kabbalistic Approach to Purim-Drinking

With Purim on the horizon, the next three episodes of The Jewish Drinking Show are all Purim-related, kicking-off with the 59th episode on A Kabbalistic Approach to Purim-Drinking, looking into Rabbi Hayyim Vital’s approach to the topic.

The guest for this episode is Professor Vadim Putzu, an associate professor at Missouri State University, whose doctoral dissertation, “Bottled Poetry/Quencher of Hopes: Wine as a Symbol and as an Instrument in Safedian Kabbalah and Beyond” is an important study in wine in Kabbalistic thought. Prof. Putzu previously appeared as the featured guest on the “Introduction to Wine in Kabbalah” episode of The Jewish Drinking Show.

The episode is available on various podcast platforms, including Podomatic:

The episode is also available on YouTube:

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