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Nevo & Jezreel Valley Wines: A Tasting [Video]

At our recent Texts-and-Tasting event, we tasted a few wines: – Nevo 2018 Petit Verdot – Nevo 2018 Blend – Jezreel Valley Winery 2019 Alfa Here are our thoughts: Disclosure: the Nevo wines were provided to Jewish Drinking for review purposes by KosherWine.com, while the Jezreel Valley wine was provided by the winery to Jewish […]

Yaakov Oryah Wines: A Tasting [Video]

Closing out the waning moments of Yom Ha’Atzma’ut, Jewish Drinking held an Israeli wine-tasting accompanied by a discussion on the history of Israeli wines, as part of its monthly events series. The next event in this series will be taking place on May 3rd, featuring further Israeli wines, accompanied by a text-based discussion led by […]

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