April & May 2021 Tentative Schedule for The Jewish Drinking Show

With four episodes published leading up to Passover now available (“Why Four Cups in Rabbinic Literature?”, “Women And The Four Cups Of Wine At The Passover Seder”, “The Origin Of Dropping Wine At The Passover Seder”, and “Distilleries Selling Their Hametz”), it is time to look ahead to beyond Passover.

Here is the tentative schedule of episodes for April-May 2021 for The Jewish Drinking Show:
March 30th & April 6th – No episodes due to Passover
April 13th – “Maimonides on Kiddush & Havdallah for Shabbat” – Rabbi Dan Margulies
April 20th – “American Yeshiva High School Students Binge-Drinking” – Dr. Rivka Press-Schwartz
April 27th – “Wine at Brit Milah” – Rabbi Hayim Leiter
May 4th – “The Drinking & Drashing podcast” – Amanda K. Weiss & Gabe Snyder
May 11th – “Maharal’s Comparison of Wine and Torah” – Rabbi Michael Bernstein
May 18th – No episode due to Shavuot
May 25th – “Libation Wine in Mishnah and Tosefta Avodah Zarah” – Prof. Avram R. Shannon

Stay tuned for these episodes and, in the meantime, Happy Passover!🍷🍷🍷🍷

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