Women and the Four Cups of Wine at the Passover Seder

The 63rd episode of The Jewish Drinking Show features Miriam Gedweiser in conversation with Rabbi Drew Kaplan about the Talmudic inclusion of women for the four cups of wine at the Passover Seder.

Guest Bio
Miriam Gedwiser teaches Talmud and Tanach at the Ramaz Upper School and is on the faculty of Drisha. Miriam serves as a guest lecturer at synagogues and programs around the northeast, and has written on topics of Jewish and Torah interest for The Lehrhaus, The Forward, the Center for Modern Torah Leadership blog, and Project 929, among others. Miriam has a JD and previously worked as a litigator at a large law firm in Manhattan, and as a clerk for the Honorable Debra J Freeman, USMJ. Miriam lives in Teaneck, New Jersey with her family.

The episode is available on various podcast platforms, including below:

The episode is also available in video format:

Here is a clip from the episode:

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