Golden Moon Distillery Adds Kosher Certification to Most Products

Rabbi Yehuda Goldman, Stephen Gould, and Rabbi Engel (source)

As of last week, Golden Moon Distillery has now added almost all of its products to being certified as kosher. While many of Golden Moon Distillery’s whiskey products were already under the certification of Earth Kosher, they have now added almost all of the rest of their products to kosher-certification.

According to Stephen Gould, the master distiller and co-founder of Golden Moon Distillery, in a post last week, he stated that Golden Moon Distillery is “fully Kosher-certified … every single product Golden Moon Distillery produces with the exception of those containing grape (our grappa, port-finish whiskey, gin, and our vermouth-finish whiskey) are now certified Kosher by Earth Kosher.”

This is very exciting news, as Golden Moon Distillery produces not only award-winning whiskies, but some intriguing products such as Kümmel, Ex Gratia, Amer dit Picon, Crème de Violette, and more.

Stay tuned in the coming months for an episode of The Jewish Drinking Show featuring Stephen Gould discussing Golden Moon Distillery.

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