Introduction to Wine in Kabbalah

Wine and Kabbalah – those two topics sound like they go well together, don’t they? In the newest podcast & video episode, Dr. Vadim Putzu shares an introduction to the the meeting of these two matters. Dr. Putzu is an associate professor at Missouri State University whose doctoral dissertation, “Bottled Poetry/Quencher of Hopes: Wine as a Symbol and as an Instrument in Safedian Kabbalah and Beyond” is, as you may surmise, on wine and Kabbalah. In this episode, he provides an introduction into this fascinating topic.

Here is the episode in both video and audio versions:

Video excerpts from the episode:
Wine Serving as Symbol For Balance in Kabbalah Between Mercy & Harshness

Kabbalistic Thinkers Emphasizing Different Aspects of Wine

A Kabbalistic Oenology?

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