Reviewing Kosher Rosé Wines

In this video, Barry, Ryan, & R’ Drew review the following kosher rosé wines, most of which are either 2022 or 2023 vintages, so they are on the newer side:

The wines used in the making of this video were supplied for review purposes by to🍷

0:00 Welcome
0:17 Disclosure
0:25 Sirocco Gris du Sud 2023
1:09 Festa d’Estate Sparkling Rosé
3:09 Summer Ice Rosé 2023
3:55 Abarbanel Batch 92 Rosé 2022
5:11 Éclat de Diamant Rosé 2023
7:03 Les Chemins d’Andrea Cabernet Rosé 2023
9:08 L’chaim
9:12 Disclosure and thank you

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