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Rabbi Drew Speaks to Rockdale Seniors on Kiddush & More🥃

Alongside a bourbon-tasting, Rabbi Drew Kaplan provided insights into the ceremonial ritual drinking practices of Shabbat last month for seniors last month. “Our Seniors Group had a fantastic time sampling bourbons, sipping cocktails, and learning about Jewish involvement in the bourbon world,” exclaimed Rockdale Temple‘s senior rabbi, Rabbi Meredith Kahan. Leading a tasting of several […]

Speaking at Winter 2023-2024 Events

As winter gives way to spring, this is an excellent opportunity to share winter events at which Jewish Drinking content was shared. This is in addition to the Cincinnati local monthly tasting events, which also took place. Introduction to Drinking in Judaism for JPro Cincy For the Cincinnati group of JPro, I spoke to a […]

NSCI Whiskey Event Brings Brotherhood Together

North Shore Congregation Israel‘s Brotherhood held its largest event since the beginning of the pandemic a week and a half ago, kicking-off a return to large brotherhood events. The event? A delicious Bourbon-tasting along with a talk connecting whiskey in Jewish tradition. Pairing nicely with the tasty Bourbons was an enlightening and engaging talk on […]

Rabbi Drew Brings L’Chaims to Life at CBAJ

Over the course of last weekend members of Congregation Beth Abraham-Jacob enjoyed a weekend of insights into both drinking in Jewish texts and practice, as well as enjoying insightful tastings into delightful beverages. Entitled “Bringing L’Chaims to Life”, the weekend’s featured speaker was Rabbi Drew Kaplan, who spoke several times from Friday night through Saturday […]

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