Speaking at Winter 2023-2024 Events

As winter gives way to spring, this is an excellent opportunity to share winter events at which Jewish Drinking content was shared. This is in addition to the Cincinnati local monthly tasting events, which also took place.

Introduction to Drinking in Judaism for JPro Cincy
For the Cincinnati group of JPro, I spoke to a broad audience of people who work for Jewish organizations. While there were attendees of this group who were very Jewishly knowledgeable and engaged, there were not only Jews there with less Jewish knowledge, but even gentiles who work for Jewish organizations who attended. In speaking to this diverse audience, I spoke on An Introduction to Drinking in Judaism. It was fantastic to speak at this event alongside Molly Wellman, who spoke on Cincinnati history of Jews involved with whiskey, as well as leading a cocktail-making activity. It was a great opportunity to both meet her, as well as to speak alongside her.

Rabbi Drew speaking at Wise Temple Brotherhood event on Beer in Jewish Life

Beer in Jewish Life for Wise Temple Brotherhood
Having spoken on Whiskey in Jewish Life while leading a Bourbon-tasting back in the spring, I returned to the brotherhood at Wise Temple to lead a beer-tasting paired with a talk on Beer in Jewish Life. This was a great experience to not only share history and learning around this overlooked beverage in Jewish history, but also to expose attendees to some flavorful aspects of beer they had not previously experienced.

Rabbi Drew Speaking at Hillel Academy fundraiser (photo by Sara Dowlar of Ahava Studio Photography)

Whiskey in Jewish Life for Hillel Academy Fundraiser
Bringing my Whiskey in Jewish Life talk to Hillel Academy of Greater Dayton while leading a Bourbon-tasting was a great time! It was my first time speaking in Dayton and my first time speaking at a fundraiser, so it was doubly special for me.

Rabbi Drew Speaking at Hillel Academy fundraiser with attendees (photo by Sara Dowlar of Ahava Studio Photography)

“Rabbi Drew’s deep knowledge of Jewish culture intricately woven into the world of bourbon was nothing short of remarkable,” said Kate Mossop, Development Administrator of Hillel Academy. “His expertise captivated the audience, effortlessly guiding us through the history and facets of both subjects. What stood out was his ability to keep everyone engaged, eagerly anticipating the tasting of each bourbon.

“Thanks to Rabbi Drew Kaplan’s insightful and engaging presentation, our fundraising event was an absolute triumph. His expertise and charisma added an enriching layer to the evening, making it an unforgettable experience for all attendees.”

Rabbi Drew Kaplan speaking at March 2024 NHS Israeli Wine fundraiser (photo by Gayna Bassin)

Wine in Israel for NHS Israeli Wine-Tasting Fundraiser
Being asked to lead a wine-tasting at Northern Hills Synagogue to raise funds for the Israel Emergency Fund of the Jewish Federation of Cincinnati was certainly a great experience, as it welcomed not only its own congregants, but a wider span of the Jewish community. Speaking on Israeli Wine was something I had previously spoken on in the spring of 2022 for a combined Miami Chabad and Hillel event, so it was nice to bring that out in service of a good cause.

Rabbi Drew Kaplan speaking at March 2024 NHS Israeli Wine fundraiser with wines behind (photo by Gayna Bassin)

“Rabbi Kaplan was very helpful with defining the theme of our wine-tasting and sale event,” said Matt Lee, who organized the event. “With his guidance, we introduced our attendees to the five wine regions of Israel and, through his curated tasting, he highlighted unique traits that characterize each region. Our attendees had a great time, and learned some important basics about Israeli wines”.

Yes, the event was successful, as they raised a lot of funds to support the Federation’s emergency fund.

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