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Finding One’s Mate in a Vineyard: Connecting Tu b’Av & Yom Kippur馃崌

A fascinating text we read describes something quite fascinating for this time of year: 讗指诪址专 专址讘旨指谉 砖讈执诪职注讜止谉 讘旨侄谉 讙旨址诪职诇执讬讗值诇, 诇止讗 讛指讬讜旨 讬指诪执讬诐 讟讜止讘执讬诐 诇职讬执砖讉职专指讗值诇 讻旨址讞植诪执砖旨讈指讛 注指砖讉指专 讘旨职讗指讘 讜旨讻职讬讜止诐 讛址讻旨执驻旨讜旨专执讬诐, 砖讈侄讘旨指讛侄谉 讘旨职谞讜止转 讬职专讜旨砖讈指诇址讬执诐 讬讜止爪职讗讜止转 讘旨执讻职诇值讬 诇指讘指谉 砖讈职讗讜旨诇执讬谉, 砖讈侄诇旨止讗 诇职讘址讬旨值砖讈 讗侄转 诪执讬 砖讈侄讗值讬谉 诇讜止. 讻旨指诇 讛址讻旨值诇执讬诐 讟职注讜旨谞执讬谉 讟职讘执讬诇指讛. 讜旨讘职谞讜止转 讬职专讜旨砖讈指诇址讬执诐 讬讜止爪职讗讜止转 讜职讞讜止诇讜止转 讘旨址讻旨职专指诪执讬诐 Rabban Shimon, son of […]

What to Drink at the Seder During the Holocaust? [Video Clip]

In this clip from the 131st episode of聽The Jewish Drinking Show, Professor Samuel Levine shares about Rabbi Ephraim Oshry’s rabbinic responsum on what Jews in the Kovno Ghetto could use for their four cups at the Passover Seder:

Four Cups and the Holocaust, featuring Professor Samuel Levine [Episode #131 of The Jewish Drinking Show]

Introduction While the Passover Seder is a celebration of the freedom of our Jewish ancestors from Egyptian slavery and becoming a nation, it is hard to picture this in terms of what the experience of being in the Holocaust, as it was very much not an experience of freedom. Moreover, a cornerstone of the Passover […]

The Innovation of 岣metz-Selling and Its Aftermath, featuring Dan Rabinowitz [The Jewish Drinking Show Episode #130]

Intro Having previously published episode #24 of The Jewish Drinking Show on “Whiskey As the Catalyst for the Selling of Chametz, the 130th episode of The Jewish Drinking Show delves more deeply into this topic, for which we are excited to have Dan Rabinowitz on the show to discuss this topic. Biography of Guest In […]

Four Cups at the Seder and Consciousness, featuring Rabbi Zac Kamenetz [The Jewish Drinking Show, episode #129]

Introduction With Passover only a couple of weeks away, including the four cups minimum of wine at the Passover Seder, how has the transformative experience of alcohol-consumption been considered in the Jewish tradition? To share a teaching of Rabbi Nachman of Breslov (1772-1810), as written by Rabbi Nathan Sternhartz (1780-1844), on this topic is Rabbi […]

List of Kosher For Passover Tequilas 2023

The聽Greater Phoenix Va鈥檃d HaKashruth聽has released聽its annual list of kosher for Passover tequilas, noting that these are silver/blanco-only tequilas, silver/blanco mezcals, and sotols, “even when KFP status is not indicated on the bottle”. This list is organized by manufacturer and comes to them courtesy of Supervisores en Calidad Kosher: Tequilas PATRON SPIRITS M脡XICO, S.A. DE C.V. […]

Arukh HaShulhan’s Conclusion on Purim-Drinking [Clip from 127th Episode of The Jewish Drinking Show]

In this clip from the 127th episode of The Jewish Drinking Show, Rabbi David Fried and Rabbi Drew Kaplan discuss Rabbi Yechiel Michel Epstein‘s conclusion on Purim-drinking in his聽Arukh HaShulhan:

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