Thornton Distilling & Dead Drop Spirits, featuring Ari Klafter [The Jewish Drinking Show, Episode #128]

In addition to a producer of certified spirits, Thornton Distilling produces certified kosher-for-Passover spirits, including a barrel-aged rum. To discuss these products on The Jewish Drinking Show is Ari Klafter.

Biography of Guest
Ari Klafter is the Head Distiller and co-owner of Thornton Distilling Company, maker of Dead Drop Spirits, where he leads production and develops the recipes for the distillery’s portfolio of whiskies, rums, gin, absinthe, and a bottled Old Fashioned cocktail. He is also the sitting President of the Illinois Craft Distillers Association, leading the guild’s efforts to advance the interests of small independent distilleries throughout the state. Prior to joining Thornton Distilling Co., he served as the Assistant Distiller at Privateer Rum in Massachusetts and, before that, he earned a master’s degree in brewing & distilling from Heriot Watt University in Edinburgh, Scotland, where he studied traditional whisky production methods with an emphasis on single malt whisky, the primary focus of Thornton Distilling Company.

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Samples of Thornton Distilling products were provided to The Jewish Drinking Show for review purposes.

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