August-October 2023 Lineup of Forthcoming Episodes of The Jewish Drinking Show

Having previously published a lineup of March-July forthcoming episodes of The Jewish Drinking Show, I hereby present a tentative lineup of forthcoming episodes for August through October 2023, which includes a half-dozen “A Toast to Israel at 75” episodes, recorded while in Israel recently:

  • 22 August – Jay Buchsbaum: Kosher Runs at European Wineries (Royal Wine) [Episode #138]
  • 29 August – Tal Chotiner & Gal Kalkshtein: Creating Israel’s First Whiskey Distillery (M&H) [Episode #139]
  • 5 September – Adam Montefiore: Contemporary Wine Trends in Israel [Episode #140]
  • 12 September – Doug Greener: Contemporary Beer Trends in Israel [Episode #141]
  • Fall holidays break
  • 10 October – Ephraim Greenblatt & Shmuel Naki: Creating a Brewery in Jerusalem (Hatch) [Episode #142]
  • 17 October – Shmuel Naki (& Ephraim Greenblatt): Creative Brewing in Israel (Schmulz) [Episode #143]
  • 24 October – Bennett Kaplan: Jerusalem’s Distillery (Thinkers) [Episode #144]
  • 31 October – Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Sinensky: Man Seders [Episode #145]

N.B. These publication dates are tentative and subject to change, so stay tuned.

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