JTA Article on Shmaltz Brewing Ownership Transition

Shmaltz Brewing Hanukah Party 2022
Although not news for listeners of The Jewish Drinking Show, you may have caught yesterday’s article in the JTA regarding Shmaltz Brewing’s transition of ownership. Written by Andrew Lapin, the article describes the transition of ownership between original owner, Jeremy Cowan, and new owner, Jesse Epstein.

As listeners/viewers of the 117th episode of The Jewish Drinking Show got to hear both Cowan and Epstein speak about this transition, a lot of the article may sound familiar.

However, there is some new information, such as the following information: “The revamped Shmaltz, working for now with an all-volunteer staff, is making Jewish practice and ritual as much a part of its brand as the shtick. Its first year under Epstein’s ownership will consist of a series of pop-up events in partnership with various Jewish groups, starting with a Dec. 17 Hanukkah launch party with Brooklyn Jews. (The events will mostly take place in New York, though Epstein may expand into other Northeast locations.)”

Further fun facts include: “Initially Epstein will draw from Shmaltz’s leftover inventory for the actual beers on hand at the pop-ups, and he is holding off on new products and distribution. But he hopes eventually to start brewing his own selections, which are decidedly more Talmudic in inspiration than the label’s previous offerings: He envisions a Purim-themed beer named “Shushan Beer-a” (a play on the first line of the Megillah, the scroll Jews read from on the holiday) and, ultimately, beers inspired by each of the weekly Torah portions. The brand’s labels will now include a Jewish blessing for beer, in Hebrew and English.”

We wish Jesse the best in this new era of Shmaltz!

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