Shmaltz Brewing, Featuring Jeremy Cowan & Jesse Epstein [The Jewish Drinking Show Episode #117]

When I came across a press release announcing the end of Shmaltz Brewing Company last fall (and see also articles in Brewbound and Forward), I was sad to see Shmaltz Brewing come to an end, but also knew it would be an excellent opportunity to have a conversation with the founder of the company for an episode looking back on Shmaltz Brewing. When I reached out to the founder, Jeremy Cowan, I was surprised to hear that it was in the process of being sold(!). The 117th episode of The Jewish Drinking Show features a conversation with both Jeremy Cowan, looking back on his 25+ years of running Shmaltz Brewing Company, as well as introducing us to the new owner, Jesse Epstein.

Jeremy Cowan is the founder of Shmaltz Brewing Company, about which we are discussing in this episode, and for which he had been owner and president for many years. In this capacity, he has supervised all brand development, sales, and marketing, as well as having managed relationships with wholesalers and retailers across more than 25 states. Shmaltz Brewing is not his only brewery with which he has been involved, as he is also the owner and president of Alphabet City Brewing Company, as well as having created and evolved five brand lineups with over 100 beer styles. One of these was Coney Island Brewing Company, which he founded and then sold to Boston Beer/Sam Adams (2013). He also opened and supervised multiple retail tasting rooms. He is also the co-founder and the first president of the New York City Brewers Guild. He is also the author of Craft Beer Bar Mitzvah. He also serves as an advisor and consultant for several clients including, Atmosphere TV, Great Gorge, and August Point Advisors.

In addition to being available below in video format, the episode is also available in podcast format on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever else you prefer listening to podcasts:

0:00 Introduction
0:24 Welcoming Jeremy Cowan, founder and former owner of Shmaltz Brewing
2:49 Looking back on various eras of Shmaltz Brewing
7:02 Going back to the beginning and schtick in naming
12:28 Growth of Shmaltz Brewing in moving to New York
19:15 Growth of Shmaltz Brewing and growth of craft beer in America
23:01 Sneak peek into episode #118 of The Jewish Drinking Show, featuring Dr. Sonat Birnecker Hart of Koval Distilling
23:56 Any Anti-Semitism in naming, with a visibly Jewish name?
31:23 Kosher supervision of Shmaltz Brewing
37:42 Introducing Jesse Epstein, the new owner of Shmaltz Brewing

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