Rav Papa, The Talmud Bavli’s Beer Baron

The newest podcast (& video) episode is now out on “Rav Papa, The Talmud Bavli’s Beer Baron”, featuring Professor Jordan Rosenblum, the Belzer Professor of Classical Judaism at University of Wisconsin, whose book is hitting bookshelves today. The new book, Rabbinic Drinking: What Beverages Teach Us About Rabbinic Literature, is intended to introduce readers to rabbinic thought in the Talmud “through the rabbinic drinking glass.”

For this new episode, we focus our discussion on Rav Papa, a fourth century rabbi residing in Sasanian Persia, who while known for combining blessing endings, was the rabbi of the Babylonian Talmud who was the most involved in discussions concerning beer.

Here’s a clip from the video of the entire podcast episode just about a questionable business practice of Rav Papa’s beer-selling business:

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