Rabbi Moshe Isserles’ Censored Responsum on Gentile Wine, featuring Professor Marc Shapiro

Perhaps one of the most famous instances of Jewish censorship involves wine🍷 Joining The Jewish Drinking Show to discuss this wine-related instance of Jewish censorship is Professor Marc Shapiro.

A graduate of Brandeis (BA) and Harvard (PhD), Professor Shapiro holds the Weinberg Chair in Judaic Studies at Scranton University and is the author of numerous books, articles, and reviews. He has written Between the Yeshiva World and Modern Orthodoxy and The Limits of Orthodox Theology, both of which were National Jewish Book Award Finalists. Other books of his include Saul Lieberman and the Orthodox and Studies in Maimonides and His Interpreters, and he regularly publishes scholarly articles on The Seforim Blog.

Relevant to our topic is his Changing the Immutable: How Orthodox Judaism Rewrites Its History, which presents fascinating research into censorship in Orthodox publishing, including his discussion on Rabbi Moshe Isserles‘ rabbinic responsum #124, in which he discusses gentile wine.

For some background on this topic, you are welcome to check out episode #71 of the show on early rabbis on gentile [libation] wine and episode #83 of the show on Medieval rabbis on gentile wine.

The episode is available both in podcast format (wherever you listen to podcasts) and video format (below):

As previously announced, the next episode will publish in three weeks.

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