Making Cocktails on Shabbat, featuring Dan Rabinowitz [The Jewish Drinking Show episode #114]

As cocktails can offer a delicious enhancement to one’s Shabbat experience, yet there are various challenges that present themselves with regards to proscribed activities on Shabbat, how can one go about making cocktails on Shabbat? To help us navigate these concerns in both keeping to one’s Shabbat observance, as well as enjoying cocktails on Shabbat, is Dan Rabinowitz.

In addition to previously appearing on the 105th episode of The Jewish Drinking Show, he is not only the chief executive officer of DEKō Cocktails, he is also the creator and publisher of The Seforim Blog. Rabinowitz is also the CEO/Co-Founder of Pre/Dicta.

In addition to being available below in video format, the episode is also available in podcast format on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever else you prefer listening to podcasts:

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