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18th &19th Century Rabbis on Purim-Drinking (Later Aharonim), featuring Rabbi David Fried [Episode 127 of The Jewish Drinking Show]

Intro Having discussed medieval rabbis’ normative writings previously on The Jewish Drinking Show, as well as 16th-17th century rabbis’ normative rabbis on Purim-drinking on The Jewish Drinking Show, I’m excited to welcome back Rabbi David Fried to discuss significant rabbinic normative writings in the 18th-19th centuries on this matter. (Here is the source sheet we used […]

Clips from the Hayyei Adam Episode of The Jewish Drinking Show (#87)

I am glad to share that I not only have made video clips available from yesterday’s episode of The Jewish Drinking Show, but even some extended video clips that didn’t fully make it into the episode. Hayyei Adam on Purim-Drinking Birkat HaMazon and Drinking in the Hayyei Adam (Extended Clip) Introduction to Rabbi Avraham Danzig and […]

Drinking in the Hayyei Adam, featuring Dashiell Ferguson

The 87th episode of The Jewish Drinking Show features Dashiell Ferguson discussing drinking in Rabbi Avraham Danzig‘s חיי אדם (hayyei Adam “A Person’s Life”). This work was published in 1810 and was not only a useful handbook for Jewish practice in the 19th century, but also was used as an important source for later works […]

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