The Libation Episode

A recent fascination of mine here at Jewish Drinking has been libations, which first arose in my mind in December as related to Jewish drinking interests, and it’s been something that’s quite curious to me increasingly ever since.

To discuss this topic for the newest podcast episode is Rabbi Dr. Shlomo Zuckier, who was not only involved in the founding of The Lehrhaus (where he published “Of Divine Nostrils and the Primordial Altar: A Pipeline of Sanctity”, which gets mentioned in the episode) and will be a postdoctoral candidate at McGill University this coming school year, but also completed his PhD this spring at Yale University. The topic of his dissertation, “Flesh and Blood: The Reception of Biblical Sacrifice in Selected Talmudic Sources in Comparative Context” brings us to our topic of libations, as they accompanied sacrifices in both Biblical and Rabbinic literature.

The episode is available in both video and podcast media:

Here is an excerpt from the episode: an introduction to libations in the Torah:

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