Wine at Bris Milah

What’s the deal with wine at a bris milah ceremony? While wine comes up at many Jewish lifecycle events, what is it specifically about wine at bris milah ceremonies and how does it work?   Certified mohel Rabbi Hayim Leiter joins the show to discuss wine during the bris milah ceremony.

Guest Bio
Rabbi Hayim Leiter is a certified mohel in Israel. He is also the driving force behind Magen HaBrit, which is an organization committed to both protecting our sacred ritual of Brit Milah as well as the children who undergo it. He is also one of the co-hosts of the You’ll Never Believe This podcast.

The episode is available in both podcast format as well as video format. It is available not only below, but also on various podcasting platforms:

And the video of the episode is available here:

Video Clip
Here is a video clip from the episode:


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