Hanukah Resources [2021 Edition]

As today is the first day of Hanukah, here are some resources for you regarding drinking on Hanukah.

“Misceo Miracle” (picture courtesy of Jake Niman )

Episodes of The Jewish Drinking Show
First up is the “Drinking on Hanukah” episode of The Jewish Drinking Show, followed up by the related “Wine in the Book of Judith” episode of The Jewish Drinking Show.

Hanukah-Themed Cocktails
Looking for some ideas for Hanukah-themed cocktails? Here are several Hanukah-themed cocktails:

“Deconstructed Sufganiyah” (picture courtesy of Jay Rosen)

Lists of Hanukah-Themed Cocktails
If those cocktails were not enough for you, here are more than a half-dozen lists of Hanukah-themed cocktails:

Happy Hanukah!

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