The Niddah Harchakot Episode, featuring Yamit Alpern Kol and Dr. Alon Kol [Episode #104 of The Jewish Drinking Show]

While not typically considered in terms of drinking, the practices concerning menstrual impurity are a topic not yet explored in this show. For the 104th episode, The Jewish Drinking Show considers how physical distancing regarding a menstruating Jewess intersect with drinking. For this episode, we welcome first-time guests Yamit Alpern Kol and Dr. Alon Kol.

Yamit Alpern Kol (she/her), LMSW, has worked in social services since 2005, has been in practice as a Licensed Master Social Worker since 2012, and is currently the Program Director for Geriatric Mental Health Clinics at JASA. Alon Kol (he/him), DPM, has been in practice as a Podiatrist since 2009, and is currently an Attending at NYC H+H Bellevue Hospital. Yamit & Alon have also been kallah and chatan teachers since 2015 after taking The Chatan and Kallah Teacher Training Workshop.

Yamit & Alon have been living in Washington Heights, New York City, since 2006. They are members of Mount Sinai Jewish Center, where they, combined, have served as trustees for eight terms, from 2014 to present. For recreation and self-care, they enjoy spending time with Hondo, their retired racing greyhound, cooking and cocktail-making, watching Jeopardy, meditation, The Great Courses, Call of Duty, photography, playing guitar, urban indoor farming, yoga, boxing, travel, and scuba diving.

In addition to being available below in video format, the episode is also available in podcast format on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or wherever else you prefer listening to podcasts:

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