Looking to Start Your Kosher Home Bar?

Tito’s vodka is a versatile spirit
Looking to start your kosher home bar? Fortunately, Jake Niman of Mixcraft has shared a handy-dandy list of a dozen bottles to start your home kosher bar at an affordable price.

He shared his list today, along with lovely pictures and brief descriptions of each of these twelve bottles, all roughly under $40 each. You are welcome to check out the original post for all of those pictures and descriptions.

Here is the list of the twelve bottles, which will cost you under $300 total:

  • Espolòn tequila blanco
  • Citadelle gin
  • Tito’s handmade vodka
  • Plantation 3 Stars artisanal rum
  • Redemption High Rye Bourbon
  • Cointreau
  • Disaronno Originale
  • Del Maguey Vida mezcal
  • Kedem vermouth (unless you can get a kosher-certified version of Martini & Rossi vermouth (from Israel))
  • Misceo coffee liqueur
  • Luxardo Bitter rosso
  • Angostura aromatic bitters
Angostura bitters are very useful
Cointreau is very helpful for making tasty cocktails

As you can see, half of the list consists of spirits, along with a couple of bitters and the remainder of the list being liqueurs.

I know when I was getting into making cocktails, this list would have been very helpful. If you are getting started or curious about getting into cocktails-making, this is certainly a helpful starter list for those concerned about kosher cocktails.



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