Cocktails in Mochers Magazine with Yissie Steinhart

One of Yissie’s cocktail recipes in Mochers Magazine

A new Jewish publication this year that has created some interesting buzz is Mochers magazine. The magazine, which some consider to be like an Orthodox GQ magazine, considers itself to be “the premier Jewish Men’s Lifestyle experience. From hobbies to collections, get the ultimate guide and journey for the modern day Jewish Gent.” As such, it has various drinks-related content, including on craft beer, Bourbon, and more: “From bourbon to wine, Mochers Mag covers all fine goods in the consumption industries for Jewish men”, according to its website.

The craft cocktails columnist for Mochers is Yissie Steinhart, who has a nice-looking Instagram account for his cocktails. In addition to his column in the magazine, Steinhart also provides cocktails for events, as well as cocktails workshops. Based out of Monsey, New York, Steinhart is the guest for the 80th episode of The Jewish Drinking Show, wherein he discusses cocktails for the magazine, events, workshops, and more.

The episode is available below in podcast form, as well as various podcasting platforms, in addition to being available on YouTube:


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